projekt angst


projekt angst is an electronic-one-man-act based in vienna/austria, it is also the electronic part of the band PHAL:ANGST.
projekt angst started with electronic music in the late 1990s after playing bass in Punk and Speedcore Bands (Fluhrschaden, Shock Troop, finster). From raw industrial in the beginning, the sound developed further towards Ambient, EBM, Synthwave and then finally merged with the Band Phal to PHAL:ANGST in 2006.
projekt angst released two Albums and two EPs.

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Greetings from the past, present and the future, CD in jewel case, 1998, sold out
bestiae e norn, CD in engraved metal box, limited 50pcs, 2000, sold out
bestiae e norn, CD in jewel case, limited 50pcs, 2000, sold out
k, EP, CD in cardboard, limited 50pcs, 2001
the voices, EP, CD in cardboard, limited 50pcs, 2004


1998 Album Presentation, Konkret, Hohenems (AT)
2001 Urbahn (an audiovisual journey about viennas subway system), Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Bregenz (AT)
2003 Mediencamp Karlsplatz, vienna (AT)
2004 projekt angst @ net to net – vekks, Vienna (AT)
2005 projekt angst & DJ Franz K, Rhiz, Vienna (AT)
May 31 2007, PHAL:ANGST album release party w\ AEON & PROJEKT ANGST (ambient), Fluc, Vienna (AT)
Jan 31 2010, PHAL:ANGST, Projekt Angst, DJ Trashterrier, Rhiz, Vienna, AT
Oct 20 2011, PHAL:ANGST, PROJEKT ANGST & Guest, w\ Er ist tot, Jim. Shelter, Vienna (AT)
July 31 2021, with „The Bassenger“, Down Under, Vienna (AT)
Aug 24 2021, with „The Bassenger“, Prokontra, Hohenems (AT)
Mar 23 2024, with „The Violent Youth“ [ Belarus/Ger ], Down Under, Vienna (AT)